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Infrastructure Services play a vital role in delivering an agile and flexible end-to-end business service. Gevio Solusi Indonesia PT has a proven track record in providing Infrastructure Services to clients nationwide. Our services help our customers and partners increase productivity and efficiency by delivering these services in the most cost-effective and consistent manner as we address the business and technology challenges that many companies face today.

Gevio Solusi Indonesia PT provides custom solutions for infrastructure services, system integration, data center management, IT help desk services, IT infrastructure security services and business services management for customers both on Premises and on Cloud Deployment. We provide quality service and ensure compliance, security and quickness in our processes.

As part of our Infrastructure Services, Gevio Solusi Indonesia PT helps optimize the performance of your applications, manage end-to-end implementations and provide customized services to help customers build, manage, and optimize their IT infrastructure both on premise and cloud base approach.

Typically, a standard IT infrastructure consists of the following components:

  1. Hardware: servers, storage, switches, hubs, routers, up to overall datacenter devices, etc.
  2. Software infrastructure including technology roadmap adoption, such as virtualization, cloud enabler and so on.
  3. Network: Network enablement, Internet connectivity, bandwidth management, firewall and security.
  4. Maintenance Service offers servers, storage, networks, and data center operations support including a preventive maintenance service agreement to ensure reliable operation of the critical systems installed.

Our Consultants Certification, extends tremendously with up more than 10 year of experiences across technologies.